Samantha & Zeb

Copyright Snyder Family Band 2014
Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
1. Stages by Samantha Snyder
2. Goose Down Pillow by Zeb Snyder
3. The Perfect Sacrifice by Samantha Snyder
4. Original Untitled
5. Daddy’s Gone
6. Creekslide
by Samantha Snyder
7. I Am A Pilgrim
8. Call Me The Breeze
9. Wren’s Waltz
10. Lord Don’t Forsake Me
11. Sarah Joy
by Zeb Snyder
12. Angelina Baker
13. The Glendy Burke
Bonus Track - Owen Snyder
Released September 2011
"Comin' On Strong"
Released March 2010
1.  Cattle in the Cane
2.  East Tennessee Blues
3.  The Great Civil War
by Samantha Snyder
4.  King of Babylon
5.  Faded Love
6.  Little Bluebird
7.  Red Haired Boy
8.  What Will You Say
by Samantha Snyder
9.  Star of the County Down
10. Steel Guitar Rag
11. Heaven's Bright Shore
12. Bill Cheatham
"Snyder Family Band"
Released September 2008
1.  Gold Rush
2.  Florida Blues
3.  Give Me Jesus
4.  Withywindle
by Zeb Snyder
5.  Big Sandy River
6.  Brethren We Have Met to Worship
7.  Big Mon
8.  Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
9.  A Maiden's Prayer
10. Daniel Prayed
11. Ashokan Farewell
12. Sally Goodin'
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Snyder Family Band
Samantha & Zeb
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Snyder Family Band
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"Building Bridges"
Released April 2013
1.  Top Hat by Samantha Snyder
2.  Listen to His Word by Samantha Snyder
3.  Old Timer by Terry Foust, Dicky Minor & Zeb Snyder
4.  Reed's Overture by Zeb Snyder
5.  Shadowy World by Samantha Snyder
6.  Trim Castle by Samantha Snyder
7.  Open Up This Heart of Mine by Samantha & Zeb Snyder
8.  Blue Bottle Blues by Zeb Snyder
9.  Kneel Down and Pray by Samantha Snyder
10. Folkston by Zeb Snyder
11. Smoky Mountain Railway by Zeb Snyder
12. Blockade Runner by Zeb Snyder